Sunday, October 19, 2014

Senior Year Homecoming!

I know you were expecting me to start with pictures of my displays from my INKstravaganza Day event but I just have to share Miss Rachel's senior year homecoming pics!  She was asked by a sweet young man and has a very fun group of friends that are all going together.  We hosted the pre-party and dinner and set up a photo booth area, had help from a couple other moms to help with organizing the meal and playing photographer and another family hosted the after-party.

Here she is with her date Nick and then a couple of group shots!

not sure what someone said but the Seniors are all laughing - fun to catch it on film
and then the best we could capture of everyone just smiling and looking one way (or not!)

and one fun pic from the photo booth too

thanks, have a great Sunday everyone, we are headed to enjoy the Music In The Park this afternoon with some of our favorite friends!  a day of relaxation!

See ya tomorrow!

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