Sunday, October 5, 2014

INKstravaganza Set Up!

So today I will share with you a little bit more of how I set up for the day!  I kind of decided upon a theme, well a color theme and then added in a mix of my team theme(s).  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  Let me know what you think, leave me a comment if ya feel like it!

I fell in love with a card (you'll see it when I share our swaps!) and I decided I was going to make it for all of the attendees and then it kind of spiraled into my "color theme" before I knew it!

And then I decided I wanted to play in MDS (My Digital Studio) and see if I could create a logo-ish, if ya can call it that, for my event.  So some things were hand made and some things were done in MDS and then altered and resized so many times over ...!  MDS is still a learning curve for me, but I was pretty happy with myself I will say!

using the Chalkboard Banner Kit
Snacks & Goodie Bags & Recognition Flowers
Special Recognition Flowers for Diana Gibbs,
my 2nd level downline serving on the Advisory Board this year!
Custom Labeled water bottles and Take Home Goodies all set up on the Buffet,
Raspberry Lemonade and Passion Fruit Tea were on the kitchen counter too!
Cheery fresh flowers are always a festive touch!
and tee hee hee, these ones stayed with me :)
My own personal creation with the Curvy Keepsake Box Thinlit, an Owl
of course because I am a night owl after all!  One of my team theme items!
One of my tiered stands with "PayDay" treat mix in a 4oz Mason Jelly Jar
and then my own personal creation, an Owl with the French Fry Box Die
filled with THE best homemade caramel corn made by a former downline Jill!
The 2nd tiered stand filled with 3 other tasty treats to take home too!
Owl punch on a mini file folder with a Caramel Ghiradelli candy treat,
 Custom made box with what else, a Reese's Pumpkin treat inside
(if you know me at all, you know that's my favorite candy)
and a treat bag of Salt Water Taffy hand picked from the candy store because
of course I had to get them in my coordinating colors & yummy flavors!

Well you can mostly see the Celebrate Banner Kit with the Bermuda Bay add-on kit
and the leftover pom pom things from the Chalkboard Kit

A snapshot of the table centerpieces after the girls were given their flowers and recognized
for their achievement.  They received 1 flower for each way they qualified for the event,
so some received multiple flowers.  It was a sweet touch and beautiful on the table.
Well there you have the beginning of my first INKstravaganza Day!  I will be back tomorrow to share with you some more pictures and a continuation of our day!  Thanks for stopping by!  Come again soon!

Happy Stamping and Happy Sunday, I am definitely blessed and so very thankful!



Inking Idaho said...

Oh MY word Rhonda, this is amazing! I wanna be YOU when I grow spoil your team amazingly well. Everything looks not nice but PERFECT!!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Rhonda Morgan said...

oh Becky! Thank you for such sweet thoughtful words! You know I wanna be you!!! ;)

Sandra Roberts (Sarnie) said...

This looks gorgeous :-)