Saturday, October 4, 2014

INKstravaganza is Here!

It's time, it's time!  It's finally time to celebrate, my INKstravaganza Day and on what better day than National World Card Making Day - how fun is that!  Over my 17 years as a demonstrator, yep just had my 17th Anniversary on Friday Oct 3rd (whoot!  whoot! ) I have a done a variety of different things to celebrate with my team over the years.  But last year I decided I wanted to do something new, something fun and fresh to really acknowledge those demonstrators that are doing fantastic things!  So I started with ideas shared by other demonstrators and presenters at Leadership and Convention, then set my goals for what I wanted & what would work for the make up of my demonstrators.  Made a plan and decided what things I wanted to recognize and formed my own version of a pampering day and decided to give it a fun catchy name, an INKstravaganza Day for my INKin' All Night! team members!

So blah blah blah ... but I know someone must have been thinking "what's INKstravaganza
" right, at least one of you wondered?

I've been working for several weeks on things and I will be sharing those things and pictures of the day (seriously, think I took 100 pics, okay 97 really) over the next few days or a couple of weeks with you - so be sure to come back to see everything I did for them!

It started with a hand made invitation in the mail, good ol' snail mail!  But I wanted them to be excited to get MAIL for one thing and to feel the way I felt when I received my incentive trip envelope in the mail from Stampin' Up!

I used the invitations and just added some ribbons with a cute lil' staple and then some flowers and I think on theirs I applied the gold glitter details to all of the flowers... I made myself an invite after I had mailed theirs out to put in my project life album!

I created a little Welcome Greeting as they reached my entry way and front door!
This is taken from the front end of my Studio Classroom (aka, not so formal anymore, formal living room!) and looking into the dining room.  Set up for 8 in attendance that day, unfortunately a few local gals that earned it were not able to attend, and I also had a few out of state gals earn it too.  So were spread out nicely and plenty of elbow room!

 I wanted today to feel different than if they were coming to a regular team meeting or class, so I purchase some fun table runners, and wanted to present each attendee with fresh flowers and created a simple table centerpiece - this is the before shot, so look later for one with their flowers added to the vases.

 And a shot from the Studio looking into the dining room where I set up displays and snacks for the day, and then on the buffet are all the 'take home goodies' that I made for each of them!  I kept the decorations cute and simple by using both banner kits!  The Celebrate banner & Chalkboard banner kit!  Close ups of all this coming in follow on posts!

Stay tuned, come back for more, there's plenty!!

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