Wednesday, October 8, 2014

INKstravaganza gets inky!

Welcome back!

After lunch it was time for the girls to get stamping!  I provided them each the stamp set Four Feathers as a gift and the supplies for four projects using this super duper adorable oh my gosh you have to get it, I mean right now you must buy it today stamp set! 

Here they are in action!  While they were stamping I just mingled around trying to wait on them and fill up snack cups and drinks ... but the funny thing was that a shoulder massage was the most frequent answer received when I asked "can I get you anything?".

Kim & Rute, 1st level directs that promoted to Sr Associate
making new friends!!

Cindy, also 1st level direct that promoted to Sr Associate!
she was sitting by me, she wasn't alone!
Marjori & Jacque, maintaining title of Sr Supervisor or above
Lori & Diana, maintaining title of Manager or above
 It was just really random that they sat this way because it was open seating and they just sat wherever they wanted!  I only noticed it when I went to add their names to the pics!

Now here they are getting down to work!  They had two hours to make four cards, which I thought would be plenty of time to stamp, giggle, chat, mingle, make their cards and have time to take pictures of all the displays I made ... well, they were my "achievers" so I went with some of the cards I was super inspired by from blogs and pinterest ... some I made basically straight up or used a layout but modified for my color theme ... yes in the end even ALL of their cards fit my color theme too!

One card done for each of them!  tah-dah!
She didn't really want me to take her picture but ain't she cute!
Kim's got one done too!!
Cindy in action at the big shot, lots of Feather Frameliting going on!
Jacque working on the 'time intensive' masterpiece, but look she's still smiling!
Rute, where ya going?  Poor thing just had surgery but wasn't going to miss out!
I think they were having a good time but WAIT there's more!  So come back again to see the "rest of the story"!


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