Thursday, March 10, 2022

Hello, is anyone out there?


I am checking in after a VERY LONG unintentional break from blogging.  I guess Covid got the better of me and I've spent the past couple of years trying to stay afloat while learning new things and ways of doing business.

Long story short - I am going to try and establish this blog as my home base!  A place you can come to for the latest news and updates regarding Stampin' Up! and the specials going on!  And more importantly I want to get back to being your source for inspiration and sharing what I love - creating and teaching!

I'm in Arizona and we have been able to meet in person and masks are optional in several places and highly encouraged and even required in some places.  But we are able to move around a bit more freely than some states it seems.

So I will be back to share with you how my 2ND RETREAT went!  I gave it a go last October when I was crazy enough to shoot for the 2022 Incentive Trip in Sep ... and hosting a Retreat in October proved to be a whole lot of fun and yes, with that event and several other orders .. I managed to earn the 2022 Incentive Trip to the Western Caribbean .. which was then cancelled due to Covid about a week after I earned it!

**Edited to Add: Direct Sales Disclaimer**
Earning the Incentive Trip is earned by a very small percentage of demonstrators because the amount of work and effort it requires is extremely significant.  This level of accomplishment and rewards are not representative of the typical demonstrator. 

BUT I did it, I put myself out there and hosted my 1st multi-day event, a weekend Retreat! So I'll share a bit of what we did last OCT and also share what we just did in FEB at the latest one!

Come back tomorrow - and many HUGE thank you's to anyone out there reading this!  Drop me a comment and let me know you were here!

It's late or early, whichever way you look at it!

See you in a bit with some pics and pretty things to oooh and ahhhh over!