Wednesday, October 22, 2014

INKstravaganza Displays! Door #1

Just kidding, it's not a door!  In my head I was thinking of do you want what's behind door #1 or door #2 ...?  think it was from an old game show or something...!  Anyhow, moving along!  One of the other things that I did for my team of gals that earned the day was to create a table full of NEW displays.  Things I made and shared with them first, remember that big gap of time where I wasn't blogging ... well I was stamping but wasn't posting pics because I wanted it to be NEW for them to see FIRST!

So when I went to Boise, ID earlier in the year, one of the (MANY) things I loved from Becky's event was the way she create vignettes for displays and even used suitcases which I happen to have already at home, so even back in April I think it was, I was already plotting my Oct event!  Thanks to my sweet friend for her awesome generosity and creativeness!

Here's a picture of my "Bags & Boxes" Vignette!

I wanted to showcase some of the new products we offer in both the catalog and holiday mini (let's be real, it's a maxi) and I just sat down and created!   CASE'ng here (curvy keepsake framelit boxes) and there (top right bag, my at home version of one they received at Founder's Circle) but a lot of just personal creative stamping time!  If you get in a rut, I highly recommend to just put on some music and stamp, stamp for fun, stamp for yourself, and feel the rush as you start to see your own creativity be released.  It brings back the WHY we LOVE doing this business!

Here is a close up of the Curvy Keepsake Boxes.  These were found on Pinterest and everywhere else, this Thinlit Die is making waves everywhere!!  Think a lot of these might have been from Lynn S but seriously there are so many photos out there I really cannot recall who the originator might have been, but it wasn't me for these!

Come back tomorrow as I will continue to post additional close ups of the other items as well as work my way around the table to all of the vignettes!

If you want more info or perhaps to buy your own Curvy Keepsake Box Thinlit die, you can order one HERE


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