Monday, November 30, 2015

INKstravaganza, Swaps Part 4


Hope you are all doing well and having a great week!  Today brings you two more swap cards that were shared!  I hope you are enjoying seeing what fun we had that day!  I just love my team, they inspire me each and every day - you never know who on which day or what may fuel me, but they do and they probably don't even know it!
Simple and Cute, by Cindy S
lots of layers and texture, simple crisp stamping
Great Christmas Card, by Sheri S2

Watching them enjoy my INKstravaganza days does bring me joy!  It does a heart good to know that you've made someone else feel good and special.  And giving is always a greater feeling than receiving.  Don't get me wrong, I think everyone loves to get a little bit now and then, I mean who doesn't love being spoiled right?  But when you think about what lasts longer, for me at least, giving always trumps receiving.

Anyhow, I have loved the time spent reminiscing about this fun day and seeing it play out not only through pictures but in my mind!  So proud of those team members that earned it for the 1st time, way to go girls!!  And to my consistent achievers, I am equally as proud of you for what you do every day, every month and every quarter to be consistently giving of yourself to your business too!  I wish success to all of my team members, in whatever your personal goals may be!  Just be happy, just keep stamping!!

with love, hugs

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