Friday, November 20, 2015

INKstravaganza, Rd#3 Treats!


Welcome back and today I am going to TREAT you to the pictures of the treats that I had prepared for them and they each got to take home one of everything!  It kind of makes the day last longer and they get to have a little repeat moment when they get home and have a few things in their hands to remind them of the day, hopefully to re-enjoy (is that even a word?) it all over!  This time I had 10 gals earn the day, 7 lived local enough to attend and 3 are out of state and enjoyed via a very happy box in the mail.

Here ya go!
A little mini treat bag decorated with a fun message and a treat inside
these were small treat bags from a craft store - too cute to resist

Let the Celebration of your Fabulousness begin!

Medium sized Good Ol Fashioned Sour Cream Pouches filled with treats!

decorated cute & a simple message letting them know they're loved

Gift Bag Punch Board little treat bags filled with sweets
these polka dot treat bags from SAB were one of my favorite!

Reminding them of Love and it's Your Day!

Simple Gift Packaging that contains THE BEST homemade caramel corn ever
(visit Sweet N Korny on Etsy and say Hi to Jill for me)

another reminder that You're The Best, and a little glimmer heart!
They had such fun and I let them "shop" as they leave, they go around the table and fill their bag with treats!  Most times I fill their take home treats with things that I had out for them to enjoy during the day.  And whether they know it or not, they have been getting tid-bits of me - because I share my favorites snacks or candy with them!  Except this time, I filled one of their treats with chocolate because it's everywhere that time of year and loved by everybody but me!  Yep give me a caramel or peanut butter any day, shortbread cookie over chocolate chip for sure!

Hope you enjoy these and feel inspired to get in your craft room and create something that's sure to bring a smile to someone else's face!

Have a fabulous day!

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