Saturday, November 21, 2015

INKstravaganza Rd#3, Play Time!

Hi and thanks for coming back!

I hope you are enjoying the tour of my latest INKstravaganza Downline Recognition event held in October.  Giving you a glimpse of what I have been up to but hadn't blogged about ... now playing catch up to fill y'all in.  When they arrive I do a short little 'blurb' of recognition, congratulating each of them on what they did to earn the day, present them with Fresh Flowers that sit at their table space while stamping and visiting throughout the day.  Isn't it amazing how fresh flowers can really brighten up a room, and I want my studio classroom to feel different on recognition day vs any normal day.

Then we usually do our swap (and I'll share those another day) and head out to lunch at one of my local favorite little neighborhood spots, The Perfect Pear Bistro!  It's become a favorite and they look forward to it too!  So far, we have gone there all 3 times!

Here's the local gals enjoying lunch, my treat!
L to R:  Jan, Sheri, Lori, Jacque, me, Diana, Cindy and Stacey
wish that Diane, Kristen and Susan lived local too
 After lunch we head back to the studio and I put them to work!  Oh wait, I meand they get to stamp, this event they received a stamp set and made 4 cards featuring that set!  I pamper them by trying to fill their treat cups with snacks and mostly I think they love handing me their ribbon and say "can you tie my bow?" ... and I do it for them!  They get to know each other stamping and visiting and can browse the studio looking at my displays.

tried to get a group shot in action

someone was out of their seat in that last picture

Diana and Jacque

Lori and Jan

Cindy and Sheri (who didn't want her picture taken!)

and sweet Stacey who was seated next to me so she got a solo shot!
Stop by tomorrow and I'll share with you the 4 cards that they made!  And the day after, I'll share the swap cards!  Thanks for stopping by!


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