Friday, December 4, 2015

1st up, SixLet's Swap


A few friends decided we needed to add smiles to each others mailboxes once a month so we decided to get on the Snail Mail Train and send each other cards!  There are SIX of us that said LET's Stamp ... so we conveniently named ourselves the SIXLET's STAMP SWAP group.

I will share each of the cards from November with you here over the next few days!  They will be quick posts but I do hope you enjoy the cards!  I know that it sure was fun to find some happy mail in my mailbox while they were arriving!

First Up, my sweetheart friend Kim Sinclair from Billings, MT.  She is just adorable and I wish she lived around the corner!  I'm so lucky that Stampin' Up! brought her into my life!


Close Up of the faux silk texture and pull out secret note!

Thanks and have a great day!

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