Thursday, November 19, 2015

INKstravaganza Round 3


I thought I would take a few days this week to share with you the fun we had at my third INKstravaganza Event.  This is something I host for the members of my Stampin' Up! "INKin' All Night!" team that achieved certain things during a 6 month period of time, so twice a year we gather to share and celebrate their successes.

I treat them to a day in my studio classroom, all set up pretty with linens and fresh flowers and treat them to lots of pampering!  I want them to know how proud I am of them and to walk away feeling special!

Here's the entry area and set up for this round, celebrated Oct 18th, 2015.  I hope you enjoy!  During the week please come back by as I'll share the pics of the treats I prepared for them to take home and they also enjoyed a stamp set and some make-n-takes as we always stamp together too!

Here's my front entry porch as they arrive!
From the dining room looking into my studio classroom
Fresh Flowers on the studio tables,
they each took home 3 lovely sunflowers
Here's looking into the dining room area, set up with treats and take home goodies!
Usually I have a lot of displays set up, although some but fewer this time due to being sick
Fresh Flowers in the Treats and Take Home Goodies area to tie it all together!
And these beauties stayed in my house to enjoy all week! 
Just a peek at some of the treats out for them to snack on during the day
Lots of candies and my favorite PayDay snack & best home-made Caramel Corn
and .. pumpkin store bought cookies (atleast they were cute & yummy)

Thanks for coming by today, I appreciate it!  I know I have been not-so-good at being daily with my blogging but I am setting once again new goals to blog at least every other day, and daily if I can!  I have lots to share but sometimes honestly I will admit, I don't think anyone's out there reading it so I play the lazy card and don't get my rear in gear to upload and edit the photos and write a little something!  I will commit to trying again - so leave me a comment, let me know you're here and if you like something!

Have a great day!


Doris D. said...

Yes in deed I am here and enjoy your blog. Such a talent!

Rhonda Morgan said...

Thank You so much Doris!! I appreciate knowing someone is out there and it's not just me!