Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surprise snail mail is always fun!

Hi from SLC!
Today was our travel day and we are so tired but already enjoying ourselves!  We ventured out for lunch and then did some quick jewelry shopping to treat ourselves for an awesome SU! year!  Diana and I love to shop together and share special memories from our trips.  Jewelry is one way to be able to look back at it later and remember where we were and what it was for. 

Finished up our evening with dinner at Red Rock with some team members that also arrived today and friends from my trips to Montana and Boise!  Ready to call it a day!

But here's a lovely card from my sweet downline and friend Ellie!  Mwah!! Thanks for the snail mail surprise, it sure made my day!

Have a great week!!  


Ellie said...

Oh Rhonda!! I'm glad you liked your card!! I feel very special that my card is on your blog!! Have fun, and return home safe and sound!! MWAH!!

Rhonda Morgan said...

Oh Ellie!! Of course I loved it and I'm proud to display it on my blog!! Sorry it's been a month and I'm just now noticing the comment, thanks for taking the time to comment too!! Mwah back at ya!!!