Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pistachio Ensemble, day 2

Hello again,

Thanks for returning for more!  Since I was really in the groove that night, I moved on to page 14, top left corner sample!  We have an amazing catalog and artists and design teams at the home office.  They spend hours and hours upon hours creating samples to inspire us, so what better place to CASE than from our own catalog!!

CASEng is a great way to get started, it gives you a starting point and then you jump in and begin and before you know it you're doing your own thing!  If you were to take a survey of demonstrators, I'm pretty sure 95% would say they CASE often or at least frequently!  Whether it is straight up a sample, or from a sketch layout, or from a magazine for color inspiration ... nothing wrong with it!  I hope you don't mind me sharing my CASEs!!

For today, I kept with the same series of supplies that are splattered across my studio and this also uses one of the Tag A Bag Gift Boxes on pg 201 ($6.95 for 8 boxes/sleeves) and a bit of the Thick Bakers Twine in Baked Brown Sugar to coordinate with introducing the Kraft color too!

  and adding in the other pieces of the Pistachio Ensemble ... here we are so FAR!!

Of course, yes you need to come back!

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