Monday, July 7, 2014

Catalog CASE'ing Going On!

Here's hoping that you all had a great weekend!  We enjoyed our long weekend very much!  It started Thursday with a girls night Happy Hour and the men were out together too, having a beer and pizza ... but in the end they met up with us as we'd had a few too many martinis to be driving!  We had a fun bbq and swim at our house on the 4th and ended with a few fireworks.  I'll have to take some pictures, but my house was quite festive thanks to our June MPP Kit & my love for the 4th of July in general!  I've always said that the 4th gives you a few days notice until the 9th rolls around!!  Yep, that's my birthday and this year it's a big one!

Anyhow, here's what happening today in my neck of the woods!  I am hosting a swap at convention for the gals going from my team - we decided on a Catalog CASE as the theme, so we each picked a sample from the catalog and we'll be swapping in a week!!

Which Page am I?  I love all the samples on this page actually!!  Almost done and ready to bag up and set aside for the trip!

Come back tomorrow and see what else I'm working on!  Happy Monday everyone!  Oh and don't forget the WEEKLY SPECIALS end on Monday nights and new ones begin each Tuesday ... so let me know if you want anything!!

Happy Stamping,

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