Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Mail Day

Today was a happy mail day!!  Thank you Kim for my fun stamped card!  Love it and I can't wait to see you next week in SLC and get to celebrate together!!

My day today was great, considering it was my 50th birthday.  The quick recap includes these highlights ...
Rachel surprising me with flowers, iced tea and a bagel this morning!!
My sweet neighbor & best friend Maureen brought down a gift, a new AJs tumbler mug and gift cards! We both share July birthdays so it's always a fun way to treat each other.  
Phone calls from my brother Steve and then one from my parents (singing to me!)
Then a quick successful trip shopping for a new dress (score 50% off and then another 25% with a coupon code!)
Then Cindy brought me a tea and a stamped card and gift (so sweet but shame on her!) Delivery of flowers from my folks and wine from my Napa Valley brother - poor UPS guy came 3 times today!! 
Tons of birthday wishes on Facebook from friends near and far -so nice that FB can keep us connected! 

My evening got better since we all went to dinner to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and then the girls suggested a stop at the Sugar Bowl for ice cream!  And I received birthday presents too, yes we are all kids on our birthdays I think!  A favorite mani-pedi certificate from my in-laws and an iPad Air from Dave and the girls :))))

Now to figure out how to do things from it!

EDIT - so I was able to write a post in the Blogger App but I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures to upload ... so still some learning to do! 

And sorry the pics are not great because of the lighting and weather ... but you get the idea!  And we got to celebrate Sean's 20th Birthday too!  He's such a great young man and happy to have him dating Nicole (they are quite the cute couple for 3.5+ yrs now!). 

Thanks for stopping by!

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