Thursday, May 8, 2014

Well, what a week so far!

Hey there!

It has been a not so fun week so far.  I was working on uploading some pictures to include in upcoming posts when I was interrupted on Monday afternoon.  Rachel called to let me know that she had just been rear-ended in an accident.  She was very calm and stoic, even though she was scared and in a bit of shock.  The gal behind her did not hit her brakes at all and hit Rachel traveling at 40-45 mph+ as she told the paramedics.  Both girls were fine on the scene but they did take the other driver to the hospital because her airbags deployed and she was feeling some discomfort in her chest from that impact.  Rachel has started to feel the impact to her body now that 24-48 hrs has set in.  She will be fine but she's getting sorer and tighter and tighter every day.  We've gone to the doctor Tues and we're heading to the chiro to have her alignment checked as well.  Lots of TLC and of course no dance for her, which is difficult for her to deal with but she knows and can feel her body's response right now without adding any other possible stress or injury to the situation. 
And the bummer on Tues was they pretty much said that our vehicle, my beloved beast & beauty of a Yukon, was going to be totaled too (other car was obvious bc basically no front end left on hers) due to rear end damage, bent frame and under carriage damage ...  NO, say it isn't so ...  :'(   
But one bit of happiness to the week happened last night, attending Rachel's High School Dance Banquet, she was voted by her peers as the Most Valuable Dancer for her company group.  It was so nice to see her beautiful smile returned to her sweet, loving face!  And my box of brand new Sneak Peek Goodies from the upcoming New Catalog arrived too ... more happiness for the week!

So anyway that's been my priority the past couple of days but I am going to continue with a few more pictures from my trip to Becky's Inking Idaho on the Road event. 

Here are a few of my favorite swaps that I received!  All different but equally so cute!

And here's a couple of pictures with some of my NEW friends that I really got to know on Saturday during the event ... kind of when you know you just hit it off!  So much fun!  I wish there had been another day and more time to continue our conversations.

 with Carrie Rhoades (sooooo much in common!)
She was an AMAZING guest presenter -using MDS & an e-cutter!

with Brittany Moon (super sweet and fun!)
and look at her amazing swap card below (Box Card - Pop Up!)

 And here's Lorri and I working on our Make-n-Takes!  We got in trouble several times for "talking too much business" and for following the "rules"!  Both of us are from Phoenix but on opposite ends of town!  She did a FABULOUS demonstration too, queen of 3D!
and looky - a little gift for the AZ new catalog premiere event!  Sweet!!!

And we went to a lovely dinner after the event with a few gals at The Melting Pot!  Thanks for including me and I got the lucky seat by Becky, had so much fun getting to know her even more!  Nothing better than 1:1 or small groups of friends to enrich your life!

All righty, come back tomorrow too!  Next up is my BF Kim Sinclair and our host Becky herself!

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