Monday, May 12, 2014

Headed to Washington DC!

Hi there!

I wanted to share my good news!  For the 1st time ever in my 16.5 years as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I have earned an Incentive Trip award, The Getaway Vacation.  It is a 4 day all expenses paid land trip (not a cruise) and the location I have earned for 2014 is to Washington DC in late Sept.   The Grand Vacation is typically a week long trip and more times than not it is a cruise.  I'm so excited to have achieved this goal and want to thank you my amazing customers and my wonderful team of SU! demonstrators, as you have all helped me reach this goal!

The short story, I have never set the goal before as in the early days you had to earn 40,000 points in order to earn the Cruise and that was a lot more than I was personally selling.  A couple of years ago SU! revised some of its awards and things, and created the Getaway at 30,000 points and I thought, hmmm, I think I can do that.  During the past couple of years with Nicole heading off to college and Rachel soon to follow, I found myself asking myself, now what?  Do I go get a job?  What kind of job?  Career job like I used to have?  Minimum wage job?  ... well, the only answer I found comfort in was what if I stepped up my SU! business, could I do this and still work it (part time) around my family and not have to go to a real day job? 

So last July, I set the goal to promote to Executive title (2500 pts), to get my personal sales back up around $22-25K (1 pt = 1$), and my attendance at SU! corporate events (Conv & Leadership, 1000 pts) ... so that put me in the ball park but would require a few points to still come from my direct downline (those that I have recruited) if they achieved promotions.  Which meant I needed to actively be looking for people to join my team.  Any how, more than you wanted to know but maybe someone was wondering how do you earn it, and so it has all come together!

So YAY me that I get to treat my husband to a Free Vacation for Two later this year - since we all know this is his fault ... because I *needed a hobby* all those years ago!  Well I have certainly found one that I love!  and THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me!!

Okay off to upload some fun pics for you, since this one was really a fun pic for me!  But I just had to share my excitement. 


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