Friday, May 9, 2014

Two BIG reasons I went to Boise!

Well these are the Two BIG reasons I made the trip to Boise in the first place!  Yes it was fun to get to just 'show up' at an event and not have to be the one doing the planning, preparations, hosting, etc ... just to be a guest and all, and hang with friends and meet more new friends, and see awesome displays and make some cute projects too!

But this is the "WHY" I went...  Kim Sinclair & Becky Roberts   ... double awesomeness!  Over the years I have gotten to know these two by attending our Stampin' Up! corporate events (Annual Conventions in July & Leadership Conferences in January) and through personal follow on conversations in between events, as well as stalking their blogs too.  They are truly sweet and I'm lucky to be blessed with their friendships and of course sharing our passion of Stampin' Up! is really fun too - they are both creative geniuses!!  Who wouldn't want to hang out with them?

Obvi, one of us did not get the memo about wearing black, thanks girls  ;)

Becky started off the day by sharing "Her Story" of how she was introduced to Stampin' Up! and the road to her beginning and how her journey has unfolded over the years.  It was nice to hear how it began for her and a good reminder to share our personal story!

Then sharing a moment for a photo op during the stamping portion of the event, we noticed later that our outfits and eyeglasses were well coordinated, such style!

And some fun, adorable special goodies from Becky & "winner-winner chicken-dinner" my lovely door prize too! (everyone was a winner, fun fun, ya gotta love prize patrol!)

And the trip ended with this ... smiling because we know we will see each other in a couple of months at convention in SLC, UT and the fun will continue!  Such a sweet  and thoughtful friend, only problem is she lives in MT and not in AZ, wishing she was around the corner ... but as she says, only a text or call away!

And what is more fun than sharing a room with friends, and late night girl chats ...  well of course the Roomie Gifts -  never expected but always appreicated, fun to give & receive!
 So stinkin cute! and thoughtful, since I am the oddball non-chocolate loving pal

Walking through the airport, happened to look out the window and thought this was just beautiful, raining and wet when I arrived, gorgeous on Sat, and wet and raining as I left! 

Ba-bye Boise!!  But I would come back again!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my trip!  I know, I still haven't shown you to adorable cute projects we made, have I?  hmm, maybe there's still more!


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