Thursday, November 30, 2017

Welcome Baby!


Yep, there's still a few more!  I kept trying to think of what can I do with this bottle set...?  When you first see it, yes you see bottles and bottle caps and bottle tops ... but I knew I had to try and do something beyond what I saw at first glance!  So here is my 2nd, out of the box idea which again, isn't too far out of the box!

I kept thinking do we still have that set with "ready to pop' in it, well low and behold we do!  So lucky that the greeting fit in one of the label shapes!  So I could make my own Baby Boy card!  I added the litte enamel star shapes to pull in the stars from the background paper! I just LOVE the star shapes and simple stripes two patterns together!
For a finishing touch I added two layers of ribbon and some of the Clear and Glitter Epoxy shapes and of course the welcome baby greeting!

Have a great day!

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