Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fun with Friends


A big part of WHY us demonstrators remain with the company for so long is because of the FRIENDSHIPS that it enriches our lives with.  We meet so many demonstrators from within our teams, others that are not part of our teams, from attending prior events, joining swaps, seeing each other online, in person on the incentive trips ... you name it, it's the TOP REASON that means the most as to why most do not leave. YES, we all LOVE stamps and our high quality product line and the BEST home office and staff there is at Stampin' Up! so we'd never forget those reasons.

For me, attending On Stage this year in April (San Diego) and in Nov (Salt Lake) held a different special reason.  It meant I was well enough to travel, and that was always a milestone for me during this first year of Breast Cancer and my many surgeries and recoveries.  Keeping myself motivated to make sure I would be there presenting and working alongside the SU! staff.  It also meant that I was able to SEE the many friends that I had out in the world that were praying for me, and sending me cards and words of encouragement.  They will never know what a role they played in my year, but every card is a tin bucket, labeled my Bucket of Love!

So it was great to see and get and give hugs to many of my friends!  I wish I had pictures of all of you that have touched my heart, especially this year!  God Bless You for being such great friends!


I know that there are SO MANY that I did NOT get a picture with or perhaps its on your camera and not mine...

I love and cherish you all, thanks for the hugs and prayers and kodak moments!

Hoping that somehow stamping and Stampin' Up! has also enriched your life for the better and blessed you with amazing new friends as well.  These are just demo friends and do not even include all of my team that weren't able to travel and to my customers at home and out of state too, ---  YOU are my WHY!

Hugs, love

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