Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Such a cute little container

Hello again!

Well here we are together again for 2 days in a row!  Today I have a quick little container that I made with the new ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD that was released in September.  Yes of course it does envelopes but all the creative juices are flowing all over the internet and you really can do so much more than just make custom envelopes (oh did I mention, 66 different sizes of envelopes!!)  -- in case you needed more convincing of why you need this cool tool.  Now you will WANT it even more!

This little gem is made from a 5.5" square piece of paper & some trimmings for sprucing it up!  If you want to watch a video, visit http://pootles.co.uk/

You start with a 5.5" square piece of paper (card stock or designers series paper

With your Envelope Punch Board, align paper at the top by the ruler guide, slide the left edge of paper down to 2" mark, you will punch and score, slide to 2-5/8" and punch and score

Turn 90 degrees counterclockwise and align the score line you just made up with the score guide, punch and score  (repeat for 2nd score line)

Turn 90 degrees counterclockwise and repeat the process for both score lines

You ONLY do this for 3 sides since our envelope box is going to stay open (it's sturdier if you don't score the 4th side)

Fold on all score lines, cut or slit little tabs on bottom edge to either tuck sides in or just cut off.  Fold bottom up, then fold Left and Right sides in/over -- can secure with just a few glue dots!

After my envelope box was made, I decided to spruce it up with some trimmings!  Just a small 1" strip around and then a small little layered bow topped off with a tiny button and some twine!  All added with more glue dots -- seriously one of my best friends and most reached for must have items in my studio!

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you how to make the cute little bow!  And can you see that cute little decorative edge on the strip of DSP?  Where'd that come from you ask?  It's the new Rotary Blades for the 12" paper trimmer!  So easy and way cuter than a straight edge, there's a couple of decorative blades to try!

Okay!  See you tomorrow!

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