Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bow Tutorial for that cute little bow

Hey there!

I'm back with the FREE TUTORIAL on how to make that cute little bow from the Envelope Box the other day.  This might get long but I wanted you to see in pics the steps to make it.  I'm not ready to make a video yet, so I hope this will do!

You will need 3 of the smaller oval punch and 4 of the larger oval punch

Then you will want your trusty Mini Glue Dots and some Paper Snips.

On 2 of the Large Ovals you will want to snip away to create the 'fish tail' end cut

Then with 1 mini glue dot, stack one oval just slightly over the other oval of same size for 1 set of Large and 1 set of Small Ovals.

The last Small Oval remains until the end

With 1 mini glue dot on an edge of the oval, fold and adhere to center where ovals meet.   do this for each size of oval pairs.

I don't know if you can really see it in the photo but I like to alternate my sides to come into the center ... hoping it creates strength somehow I guess ... in the end it probably doesn't matter

Repeat with 1 mini glue dot on the other edge and bring 2nd side of oval into center, creating the layer of the bow.  do this for each size of oval pairs.

Using 1 mini glue dot mount each of the bottom L/R fish tail ends under the L/R layer of the bow

Now you can use 1 mini glue dot and adhere the smaller oval to the center of the larger oval, thus creating the 2 layers of bow and bottom layer ribbon ends

The last Small Oval is just to create a bit of strength to the bow

I am showing it with the opposite side of pattern facing up so you can see where I placed it

but here's what it looks like once I adhered it with 2 mini glue dots

and here is the finished view of the paper layers

you could wrap with paper around the center or ribbon or add a button with twine like I did

And here's that cute little Envelope Box and the pretty little paper bow

I hope you give it a try!  I'll be back with some pictures of the swaps I received at my team meeting next, so stop by again!

Thanks, happy stamping!


Jacqui said...

I'm gonna try one of these tonight!

Rhonda Morgan said...

To mix it up you can do the same bow the same way, only do 1 layer of the loops, large or small oval ... just do the bottom layer the same size as oval punch for loop layers! Have fun!