Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Excuse my absence...

Hi there,

A note to let my blog readers know where I've been and what I've been up to this past year or more... so that you can better understand my absence here and also on my biz FB page too, pretty much all social media platforms.  I've shared my story on my personal FB but I really wasn't ready to bring it to my blog until now.

As most of you know I took what was intended to be a part time job helping at a friends Family Care PCP office back in Dec of 2015.  That instantly became full time and overtime as well, which was new for me after being home for 14 years raising our two daughters and running my SU! business alongside my families needs.  It was a much needed personal change that I knew I needed.  I needed to be out and redefining my purpose now that we had become empty nesters.  I enjoyed the daily interaction with patients and learning something completely new with my business degree being applied in the healthcare field.  And I knew I was also helping a dear friend get restarted in private practice.  That alone speaks for the lack of my class schedule during 2015-2016.

But even bigger than that life change was being diagnosed with two cancers last summer and fall.  Yes two that were positive and a third that came back benign.  Colon cancer runs in my family with my Dad and my Grandpa, and now I am precancerous for it as well.  But it was treated, removed and there is a plan in place and with today's technology and discipline on my part, I know that it is treatable as my Dad has proven since 1998!

After a routine Mammo I was sent for a 3D Diagnostic Mammo and was then sent for a Needle Biopsy which returned with pathology reports of precancerous cells for both Ductal and Lobular Breast Cancer.  So the next step was an Excisional Biopsy to remove the 3 areas of calcifications in question.  The pathology returned with DCIS and an "incidental finding" of a tumor which didn't present on the mammo's that was positive for Invasive Lobular Cancer in October.  After much research and many appointments with different onocology specialist doctors and endless hours in prayer and thought to determine my path for fighting Breast Cancer, I chose bilateral mastectomy with the plan for delayed reconstruction surgery.
I have had surgery in Oct (lumpectomy), Nov (bilateral mastectomy), Dec (dealt with an open wound which probably should've been a surgery) and Jan (open wound repair and start of the reconstruction process), Feb & Mar (each due to complications, & eventual removal of right tissue expander) and May 3rd was to complete this phase of reconstruction on my left side and restart the process on my right side.
I am 3 weeks post surgery today and I feel way better than I have in 8 months.  I will still require an additional surgery to complete the reconstruction on the right side.  And then the additional processes that follow.  Even with my diagnosis I know that I am much luckier than so many women that wish they could've had my diagnosis (grade 1, stage 1, negative nodes) vs their own.  I am LUCKY and very BLESSED.

I feel stronger and finally feel a hint of normalcy again, even though I am still in post surgical care and restrictions!  I have remained a demo all of this time but I have been very, very limited with what I've been able to do both emotionally and physically (lots of restrictions).  Which has impacted my ability to host events, due mostly to the fact that I have been in a surgical and post surgery recovery mode for so many months.  Maybe God knew what was coming for me, because this year the facility that I use to host my large group Spring Fling and Fall Fest events was unavailable as their worship center was being rebuilt.  As they say, He is all knowing and God is great!

But in EXCITING news I was honored to be asked in September by Stampin' Up! to serve on their Global Events Council Team for 18 months --- this is a huge honor and privilege as only 5 demonstrators in the USA are selected, working with 2 from Canada to represent the North American region.  SU! has others on the team for the other areas of the world where SU! operates.  This was announced at our On Stage event (used to be called convention) in Nov 2016 and we began work immediately working with several SU staff employees in charge of planning and presenting our SU Corporate Events.  In April I was cleared to travel to San Diego (site I was assigned) and was able to work my 1st event as a member of the team!  I also presented on stage a 10 minute presentation showcasing a new product suite from the upcoming catalog and shared a business idea for how other demonstrators could incorporate this product suite into their business, along with many samples for inspiration.  I will be sharing those 12-15 samples here for you in the upcoming days!

In closing for today, thanks to the many of you that already knew what was going on and for your cards, gifts and prayers and for your future prayers as I continue to walk the steps of this journey and fight.  I want to thank in advance those that are just finding out that hopefully you can understand my absence and that it is/was just very difficult to deliver via my blog.  It's easy to share little happy personal tidbits for myself or my family here but I do not like to be the focus of too much attention and certainly not in this situation.  And my PSA is "get those routine exams", early detection is key!!!!

If you have been a customer that shops with me routinely, you should have received the NEW 2017-2018 Catalog in the mail or will be any day now.  I researched the past couple of years for those that have shopped with me and supported my business and as a thank you for that, I paid to have catalogs direct shipped to you.  Please let me know once you receive it (can email or text me to say it made it, that way I can follow up with SU! for any that do not arrive that were paid for).

If you do not receive one and would like one, please let me know.  I will be getting some in stock here at home soon any day now and the NEW catalog will become available to customers for ordering on June 1st I think it is!  My email is if you do not already have it.

I also have a Monthly Stampers Club if you are interested in joining, both local and long distance and out of state are all welcome to join.  We order monthly and each member takes a turn getting to be the hostess.  You receive all of the catalogs and mini catalogs for the entire year as well!  I host a get together at my home and provide a few projects each month, mailed to those out of state.  Please let me know if you'd like more details and to join us!!

And lastly, we have until the end of May to take advantage of the RETIRING LIST of products, last shopping opportunity for the Spring/Occasions Catalog, and don't forget to check out the Clearance Rack.  All can be found easiest in the left column of my ONLINE STORE -- thanks for your support and time and friendship most of all!

I'm sorry that this got so long, but I wanted to add those business tidbits at the end so you were all aware of the Catalog and timelines for the upcoming transition!

Thank You!!!

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