Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Storage Solution - Blendabilities

Just a quick little post to show you how I am storing my Blendabilities Markers for the mean time! Since spending my fun money on my cutting station, I was not able to afford a unit from Stamp-n-Storage right now so I was on a quest to find an alternative solution that would fit the function!  After some internet searching and a quick dive into Amazon ... here we are!

This is the SPECTRUM NOIR black storage trays designed for 5/8" markers.
I bought the box set, which included 6, black plastic, single stackable trays
Notice the top two rows are stacked straight on top of each other, which creates even rows
that still allow the tip of the marker to be easily accessed to be removed from the tray
The trays hold 12 markers each and lay horizontal and then they stack up vertically.
close up of the box, FIND IT on
The link I used with my Prime Acct was ~$24 including tax and 2-day free shipping
Thanks and let me know how you are storing your Blendabilities -- FLAT -- is the key word!  I think I will be coloring more with having them handy dandy organized and ready to use!

Happy Stamping!

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Donna said...

Thank you for suggesting these! I just ordered a set myself! Woo hoo!!