Monday, January 5, 2015

Thank You OWL Card

Hope you're all doing fabulous as we head back into the work weeks after our long holiday break!  I have one more cute little thing I made as a Thank You to all of my Display Stampers that volunteered on Demo Day to help me!

As you know my team name is INKin' All Night! because I am quite a Night Owl, and although I don't officially have a logo or signature image associated with my team, I do tend to use Stars (because Stars come out at Night!) and then I throw in the occasional Owl here and there too!  Since I did create a little bit of Owl themed gifts for my team back in Oct at my INKstravaganza Day of pampering, I decided to carry that forward into my Demo Day of inspiring.

Here's a cute little Project Life Thank You Card, hand written because I actually cannot say hand stamped (what, no stamping?  eeek!!).  I am loving the Project Life and hope this inspires them to give it a try too (if you follow along, I've gifted PL cards in the past for events and things too!).  They also received extra door prize tickets for helping with displays!  Just something little to say thanks and a sample of making your own PL Pocket Cards (uses our 3x4 Grid cards).
They were so fun to make, the OWL is 3D and could be popped on to a pin if they wanted

Kathya posted a pic of hers, so I snagged it from her on FB or Instagram!
Okay so that's all she wrote!  Really, seriously, that's all!

Oh Happy Day!

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