Saturday, January 4, 2014

Valentine's Swaps!


Well I spent some time setting up my light box and tried to take several pictures today and edit and watermark them ... so they will be ready to share!  Hopefully the picture quality will be better!  :)

Also, even though I have placed my watermark on these, it does not mean that I stamped them.  These will be the swap cards that the demonstrators on my team stamped and swapped at my meeting in December.  If you see something that looks like yours, then please consider it a compliment that someone enjoyed your card enough to want to make it themselves and share it.  If it is yours, please send me an email or note and I can add your name for credit as well. 

So to share the love, here we go with swaps from Marjori and Marlene!

Swapped by Marjori Miller

Swapped by Marlene Salvato

Have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by & see you again tomorrow I hope!

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