Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Friendships are the best!


I would have to say that Friendships are the BEST part of my being a demonstrator!  Of course I love Stampin' Up!, our catalog and products and the awesome quality and being the best in the industry and having a company that stands behind everything they produce ... but if you asked me what I would miss FIRST and the MOST if I was no longer a demonstrator, it would definitely be the friends I have met.  Both locally as customers and across the states & world now as fellow demonstrators.

So in the spirit of all my Stampin' Up! friends ... here's a couple of cards that celebrate friendships!

These were shared at the meeting, but they are not signed or stamped on the back as for who made them... and the meeting was a month ago so now I cannot remember!  If you swapped one of these, please let me know!!  Insert big sad face, you should always sign or label your artwork!  It's a sign of pride!

Swapped by   (unsigned)

Swapped by (unsigned)

Okay, well I am off of here!  Make it a great day!  Stop by again to see if I can keep this up!


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