Monday, August 5, 2013

Flower Shop Bundle

Well, I know it's been a couple of days but that's because I've been in a cave since Friday.  No, I didn't take a weekend getaway ... just been in the studio with Diana since she was finally feeling a bit better for us to get together and finish (well start and finish) our plans for our Fall Fest Event which is coming up later in the month.  Typically we meet early on and have things pretty much planned out and then give ourselves a chance to change our minds a bit depending on what we see at convention.  Well, this year between everything going on before (my family trip to Cal) and after (her recovery) convention ... we were a bit behind the 8-ball of where we like to be.

So anyhow, she came over on Friday late afternoon and stayed until like 5pm on Sunday but TA-DAH, it's all done!  Well, except for cranking out the math and numbers stuff ... thought maybe I'd have Diana do that this time and she was like, say what, me?  Nope, I'll make her do something else - so today is a crank out the numbers day and then I need to make a swap for my Team Shoe Box Swap meeting which is tonight!!  Don't you think she should have just stayed one more night?  I mean, really?  Usually I end up staying at her place, so it was nice to have her here, we both agreed it's been so many years since she's stayed over here.

While I cannot show you yet what Fall Fest looks like, I will share what I did a week ago at my Monthly Stampers Club Night.  These cards were CASE'd and two of them were from Beth and one from Linda.  I have actually uploaded their cards since I haven't take pictures of my own artwork yet, and hey I mean I really CASEd (Copy And Share Everything) their card ... I just loved them so I really didn't change a thing!

Thanks for stopping by and keep coming back!  Tonight is my Team Meeting so I will start sharing those swaps with you too!  And I still need to look (again) at my Conv swaps and might share a few of those too!  So I will keep trying to update daily with something new!

Happy 1st day of school to Miss Rachel, starting her JR year (11th grade already?) of high school today!  Can you believe she was a baby when I joined Stampin' Up!

Hugs!  Happy Monday!


Doris D. said...

I'm sure you did a great job of CASEing. The cards are so pretty. Imagine having Diana spend the night at your house. What a treat. You two are two peas in a pod. Such talent.

Rhonda Morgan said...

thanks Doris! and yea we are! :)

MS Flower Shop said...

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