Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1st time for everything!

Yep!  There's a first time for everything and even at my age, I had a FIRST yesterday!  I went actual antique shopping for the very first time!  Diana always goes and she lives out in the boonies compared to me in the city and we are about an hour apart distance wise ... but her hubby works over here by me, so I think they should just move!  But they won't and I won't so we have to settle for visits and making the most of our days and time that we get to spend together!  And she's my downline and event co-host, partner in crime so a lot of our time together is actually spent on business and not so much leisure girlfriend time.  Anyhow, she had to bring her truck in for service and her dealer happens to be over by me, and my team meeting was last night, so that meant I got to capture her for the day.
I surprised her by getting tea at AJ's, ok so not such a shock there but again, she doesn't have one on her side of town, so it counts ... and when we got back in my truck I said, hmmm wanna go to the antique store in Scottsdale?  She sure lit up with a smile, I hadn't mentioned it and she didn't realize it was my first time and that I was a "virgin" old gal ...

Off we went and it was literally HOURS later and we had been in just this one big o place -- seriously my eyes were on overload!  So much stuff, so many memories of things from growing up, things I remember from TV or my grandparents houses, etc ... kind of a fun trip down memory lane too. 

So here's my first find of the day!  Look at this little Halloween Spooky Tree gem ... all twisted wire and sparkly -- and when we got home, Diana went right to work finding it a space on my display shelf and adding a few treats from last years projects to pretty it up and she even stole (ha! relocated really!) a few from my class that's coming up this month too!

And these were my other purchases from the day, a mix of Ball (blue) and Atlas (square clear)  and I think one might be Kerr too (littler one) canning jars, and one was filled with mostly wood spools which makes me think of my mom, the seamstress!  Maybe next week I can raid her stash and then I'll feel like she's in my stamp room with me!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my FIRST and my little finds and thanks to Diana, there's even a little stamping shared with today's post.  The little halloween treat boxes were made last year using the CANDY WRAPPER die and a variety of punches!

Have a great day and see you soon!

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Diana Gibbs said...

It was so much fun and I am glad you caught the bug, I can't wait for our next day together, this time on my side of town...ha!

Love ya,