Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I can remember that summer so well, it was the summer of the UPS Strike and I was waiting for my friend Mindy's sister to get her Stampin' Up! starter kit so we could go to her party!  Finally Robin got her kit and Mindy hosted her 1st party for her, I went, fell in love and instantly said, I'd like "stitched snowman and a basic black ink pad" & "the paperwork to join" .... she just about fell over! 

Got my starter kit and about a week later if that, I ended up having to be the demo at my own party that I was hostessing (because I wanted the freebies like Mindy!) because Robin was sick, so she told me to do it myself.  Well, I don't think I would have ever held a party/workshop if it wasn't for that day.  Of course I had been a great hostess and was over eager to earn a bunch of stamp stuff for FREE, so everyone came and I now found myself sitting in front of them... demo'g basically what I watched Robin demo at Mindy's.  It just all happened, people were ordering and wanting to book parties for them and their friends.  ONLY THING WRONG was that I was just doing this to get the discount!!  It never occurred to me that I might have the chance to go do this for someone else outside my home ... well when the paycheck came, it was like, oh that's not so hard, I think I can do that once a month, little fun money on the side to help pay for what I want.

................. 15 years later ..................... anyone wanna host a party?  I'm game if you are!!

Here's a picture of me attending my 1st Stampin' Up! annual convention -- my 1st was their 10 Year Anniversary ... which makes this year the 25th Year (and it'll be my 16th consecutive convention and I'll get to do the 15 yr milestone walk on stage!).   Celebrate your Stamp on America was the theme - wonder what this years theme will be?

  Kelly, Rhonda, Jeannie, Erin, Julie and Sue - dressed up on awards night
 these were some of my best stamping friends - when there's so few, you really get to know each other well.
Sadly I am the only one of the bunch that is still a demonstrator but we still stay in touch.  :)
A view of the crowd from the top of an escalator, I just could not believe that we were all demonstrators, it was crazy busy, loud music pumpin' all the time, everywhere, so much stamping, so many things to see!  
I even forgot to call home to my hubby, 4 yr old and 1 yr old to tell them I had made it!  I was that busy!

Have a great day!

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Marlene Salvato said...

OMG! - These pics are priceless!!