Saturday, January 18, 2020

Getting back to business!

Hi there!

I wanted to share a little life update for y'all and thank those of you that still come around to see if I'm here!  I am here.  It has been a slow process back from the big C.  That first year of 7 surgeries and recoveries really kicked my butt and knocked me down.  Mostly it took me away from everything I loved (work wise, not family!) with both my Stampin' Up! business and at the time the work I was doing at the medical office too.

The following year when I was able to return to work at the medical office (I went back 3 days a week instead of full time), that proved to be enough work to tire me out.  So I spent some time trying to find my creative side again, to see if I still had it in me.  I needed stamping personally, as an outlet for myself - even if I wasn't ready to be able to jump back into my business where it had left off.  Remember I had just earned 3-4 years of Incentive Trips which had put me at my best years … so it was a big kick back to the curb.  And naturally as I wasn't able to stay in contact as much, or offer the in person classes .. some customers went elsewhere to feed their creative needs.

So I spent about a year or so, really reconnecting with my passion and deciding did I still LOVE stamping?  Did I really want to dive back in?  Well I determined that I did still love stamping, both personally and I missed teaching and sharing with others.  So I started last year to host a few classes and my club, but it is a slow process to rebuild.

This year, with the 2019-2020 Idea Book and Catalog, I decided to host a Fall Fest Event and Holiday Bingo night back in October and that was all it took!  I had so much fun and it was so great to host a stamping event again!  It was here in my house, with 24 of you fun loving stamping ladies!  And a few were able to take advantage of my To-Go package and enjoy it at home.

I had a lot of personal travel this fall, so that pretty much took over most of November with the On Stage SU! event in Las Vegas, and then a 10 day trip to Arkansas and Omaha and back with Dave's folks and his sisters family and both of our girls - it was a fabulous Morgan Thanksgiving with all of us together.

We came back in December and poof!!  December is always a very busy month that seems to pass by on super speed, and a lot of crafters bake (I didn't say, ME!) and it's just the holidays, and parties and travel or others traveling to you.  I have found that classes sound good, but no one really has free time to actually attend.  With Nicole being in PA School in Illinois and having a break to come home for 2 weeks, I decided what better time to really be in the moment and to enjoy these days with all 4 of us together.  We did puzzles, we played games, we shopped, we cooked and we even took in a movie!

I hope your holidays were just as sweet as ours were!  And I hope the new year finds you in good health and hopeful for a great year ahead!

That kind of catches us up .. here we are in January!  I have been working like crazy to complete the details for my February SPRING FLING event!  The AM session already sold out and the PM session has openings for you to enjoy!  It's the same great day, just the afternoon instead of early morning!  Look at the previous post for those details!

I also sent an email today to my Customer Email list about my monthly Stamping Club.  I am changing the format and fun up this year and I hope it will fit into more of your routines!  Please email me at if you didn't receive it.  It has been a few years, so my customer email list may be out of date with some email addresses, Id be happy to add you!

Thanks, and I hope this helps you know that I'm back!!  I am still trying to figure out how often I will blog, need to commit to what I can deliver.  But I promise that across all of the platforms, that I will be sharing inspiration of my stamping and keeping you to updated with life and the family!

You can always find me (and follow, like, join, etc!)
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I appreciate ALL of you that have made it this far!  Projects and pretties coming up!  Drop me a comment and let me know what you're interested in!



Doris D. said...

So glad to have you back. I have missed you and your wonderful creations. Here's to a healthy new year.

Rhonda Morgan said...

thank you Doris! Thanks for coming back, I know it's been way too long!