Monday, December 4, 2017

Meet my Events Council Friends!


This week I will be introducing you to my teammates on the North American Global Events Council Team!  We have been serving and meeting for over a year now, and last month On Stage Live was our first time meeting in person!  We had so much fun!!  We are now united at such a deeper level as friends, so much laughing and coming together as a working team!  I know we will be friends way beyond our 18 month term on the EC Team.

Because this was the only event that we will get to do together, we decided we would have a team swap using our new products!  So I will be sharing their swap cards this week with you!

Alphabetically here we go!  This lovely card is from BONNIE - isn't it yummy!! A lovely new set - heck it's got a whole product SUITE called Petal Passion!

Have a great week!  Come back for more!

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