Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday!

Well I don't know how it happened but this lil' gal turned 21!  I can remember the night before she was born, the anticipation and inability to sleep at all.  She was a scheduled C-section since the baby was breech and wouldn't turn during a procedure.  And with it being our 1st we had not found out what we were having, so we didn't know who we'd be meeting in the morning.  We had a girls name but had not really decided on a boys name, a couple options in the works but didn't agree fully.  And it was my 1st real big surgery, so I'm sure that had a little to do with it too!

That's Dave (who stood by my side and watched the delivery) & Nicole!
Nicole with her boyfriend Sean, heading to her sorority spring formal 
She's finishing up her 3rd year at the University of Arizona, working on her Physiology major, and has completed the requirements for her Spanish minor, a Biochemistry minor and next year will finish up the Psychology minor.  This will be the 1st summer that she's not coming home (insert sad momma face).  She'll be working in a research lab.  She completed her MCAT (medical school exam) in January and will begin working on her applications.  Never dreamed this would be her future, so proud of the young determined woman that she's becoming.

Happy 21st Birthday Nicole!!
Momma loves you more than you know!

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