Saturday, April 4, 2015

INKstravaganza is Here!


Well it's finally today!!  I have been working for weeks on things and cannot wait to share it with my team achievers!  This day is called INKstravaganza and it's my appreciation and recognition event for members of my INKin' All Night! downline team.  They have a variety of ways that they can earn attendancxe to the event!  I do it twice a year and each one is independent so they have two times to enjoy and two times to achieve in case they miss one.

A little WELCOME greeting at the front door!
Here's my set up which is in my studio-classroom (aka: formal living room) and the attached dining room.  I love it other than there are no doors to close it off, and it's to the right of the entryway ... so it is what it is!  Love the space and LOVE to spruce it up pretty on these special days to help create an environment that makes them feel pampered all the way around!  All day long!!
Standing a the front of the studio looking into the dining room
The dining room serves for displays and refreshments & snacks
I start out the day by acknowledging their achievement and presenting each attendee with real flowers and a hug!  Where as grown women do we actually receive recognition that says "I appreciate what you've done!"...?  I have to say that these were my very favorite treat for them of the day!  I bought loose flowers and made all of the arrangements myself the night before!  I love tulips and they had the perfect color to coordinate with my theme for the day!

You can see the INVITATION that they received in the mail
which included a little sneak peek of the color theme of the day!
Flowers presented in an old fashioned small Coca-Cola bottle
tied of with some ribbons and a tag!
Lookie!  I actually remembered to grab a picture of those that were able to attend in person!  Thanks Dave for taking our picture!  And we sure missed Kristen who lives in MI and Jacque who had other plans and couldn't join us that day.
Cindy, Val, Lori, myself, Marjori & Diana
After our recognition we went ahead with our swap and headed out to lunch!  I love a little husband & wife local bistro in the neighborhood, so I treat them to a nice lunch out!  It's become a favorite location for a few of my team too!  
At the PERFECT PEAR BISTRO in Ahwatukee 
After lunch we headed back to my house to stamp the afternoon away and to just simply share and enjoy in each others company.  I love that they get to know each other better and just enjoy "being made to feel special".  I had some sweets and treats to snack on while they stamped.

Come back again as I have plenty more to share with you!  Swaps!  Make-n-Takes!  Displays!  Treats! ... it was great to spend a few hours pampering those that are working hard, they deserved it!


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