Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Fling (open! open! open!)

Hello there!

Today was a day of rest!  Taking a few hours to rest and recover and to take care of my baby girl today.  Rachel wasn't feeling well all weekend and I felt so bad because once her fever broke, she ended up with an ear ache that wouldn't stop, I hate it when you are helpless.  Even at 17.5, they just want you to make it better.  Happy to report that by early evening she's feeling much better.

So to be quick today, here's the calm before the fun begins!

unloading our cars and getting the tables ready
Sheryl helping deliver Goodie Bags to the tables

A shot of part of the room, getting close to being ready to open the doors!

Ready to Check-In

Always the hardest part since they are so eager and have their hands full!
Come on back tomorrow for more!  I'll start showing what they got to make and what they received too!!


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