Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where did the time go?

 Oh my goodness . . . .  where did the time go

Last thing I knew it was May and we were competing in dance competitions and waiting for school to end and gearing up for the girls' birthdays.. moving Nicole home for the summer, and more dance!

June - father's day, the start of Summer School (Physics) at ASU & volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital for Nicole (& mom, the driver and personal assistant) and more dance and the annual studio recital for Rachel and then more rehearsals for Nationals!  I think I had a team meeting and my club night in June and don't remember much beyond that!  Oh snap, the new catalog debuted!

July - more class and volunteering for Nicole and more dance for Rachel, and then a family trip to California for dance Nationals and a couple of days at Disneyland, then to head home for me to head off to SLC for SU!'s 25th Anniversary Convention Celebration!  Just got home and it's time to regroup and get restarted!

Here's a glimpse into the fun part of my week, attending my 16th consecutive convention !

Cool banners welcomed us all over downtown Salt Lake City!
The theme of our convention "Be the Difference"
Stampin' Up! Headquarters in Riverton, Utah
too bad the line was way too long to make it out there this trip

What does almost 6,000 excited demonstrators look like?
we took over the Salt Palace Convention Center
A quiet picture of one side of one of the walls of display samples!
not so quiet when all of us are trying to take pictures at the same time
We set a new world record for sending the most greeting cards from a single location at one time
My card went to my friend and neighbor, Maureen, as a thank you card for a birthday present!

There's plenty more but this describes the calm before the storm! 

Stop by tomorrow to hear the rest of the story!

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